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Japanese Red Cross Ashikaga Hospital

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Prepare your referral letter from a clinic or physician, if you have one. Please note that patients requesting initial consultation without a referral letter will be charged a 5,000 yen fee in addition to charges for the consultation itself.

Location : 284-1, Yobe-cho Ashikaga city Tochigi 326-0843, Japan
TEL : +81 284 210121 FAX : +81 284 220225

Website: https://www.ashikaga.jrc.or.jp


Outpatient Consultation Hours

Initial Consultations: 8:45~11:30am

  • Patients who are being treated at Ashikaga Red Cross for the first time
  • Patients already being treated who need a first consultation with another department
  • Patients who have previously been treated here, but all previous treatments have ended
  • Patients who are experiencing a new medical condition for the first time

Follow-up Consultations: 8:00~

  • Patients who are already being treated for an ongoing condition at the same department
  • Appointments where an Ashikaga Red Cross doctor has designated a regular checkup

Notes: Times for checking in can vary by department. Please check the outpatient care schedule for your department and doctor. For afternoon appointments, please consult with the reception staff in your department.

A few requests...

Japanese insurance policy requires that you present your insurance card at the reception desk for your department at least once per month, or when any of the personal details on the card change. Please have it with you at the hospital as necessary.
Please kindly restrict your use of mobile phones to designated areas to avoid interference with medical equipment.
Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises.
If you have a referral letter, we recommend that your current doctor or facility make the appointment for you ahead of time by contacting us directly.

On your first visit…

Fill out a “Patient’s Profile” form (診察申込書, shinsatsu moshikomi-sho), available from the desk near the main entrance. An English-language sample of how to complete the form is available at the desk.

Have your insurance card or documentation available. Japanese National Health Insurance (国民健康保険, kokumin kenko hoken), or Social Health Insurance (社会保険 shakai hoken or 健康組合保険 kenko kumiai hoken) are accepted, as are Medical Care Certificates issued to some participants in JICA training programs.

If you already have a Treatment Card (診察カード shinsatsu card) issued by Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital, have this available as well.

Prepare your referral letter from a clinic or physician, if you have one. Please note that patients requesting initial consultation without a referral letter will be charged a 5,000 yen fee in addition to charges for the consultation itself.
Why is there an extra charge if I don’t have a referral letter?

As part of the local medical community, Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital strives to both support local physicians and conserve hospital resources by encouraging patients with non life-threatening conditions to seek initial consultations with local doctors and/or clinics rather than coming directly to the hospital. If your condition warrants further testing or treatment at the hospital, your practitioner will give you a referral letter. Of course, emergency medical services for life-threatening conditions are always available at Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Proceed to the reception area for the department of the hospital where you wish to have your consultation, and submit all of the above documentation to the receptionist there. If you’re uncertain about which department is best for you, speak with the guide at the information desk and they can direct you to the appropriate place.

On Follow-Up Visits…

Check-in first

During your initial consultation, you will be issued a Treatment Card (診察カード, shinsatsu card) with your name on it. When you arrive for follow-up consultations, start by inserting your card into one of the Self Check-In Terminals located near the hospital’s main entrance (see photo).

An appointment memo and other necessary paperwork will then be automatically printed by the check-in terminal. You may also have tests scheduled.

If you have tests scheduled, the printed slip will show “検体検査、心電図、X線撮影、CT撮影” or other test names in Japanese. During your previous visit, the staff of your department should have informed you about any tests that were planned.

If you need to have blood, urine, EKG, brain wave, lung function or ultrasound tests, you should proceed to counter #25 on the 2nd floor (see below).

For CT or MRI testing, proceed to counter #26 on the 2nd floor and check-in with the receptionist there.

For standard X-rays, proceed to counter #20 on the 1st floor and check-in with the receptionist there.

After your testing is completed, or if you didn’t have any tests, take the appointment memo printed by the check-in terminal and your Treatment Card to the reception window of the outpatient department that will be treating you and give them to the receptionist. You will be called to see the doctor by the number on your appointment memo. Watch the display monitors in the waiting area and/or listen for your name to be called to enter the examination room.

See more at https://www.ashikaga.jrc.or.jp/publics/index/165/


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