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The birth of Nobel Medical Group originated from the Nobel Eye Clinic in Park Road, Taipei in 2001. It is also the first step in the vision of the founder, Dr. Zhang Chaokai, who has stepped into the international medical system.

Location: Taipei, Taiwan 

Website: http://www.nobelgroup.com.tw/


Based on ophthalmology, guarding the window of the soul

The birth of Nobel Medical Group originated from the Nobel Eye Clinic in Park Road, Taipei in 2001. It is also the first step in the vision of the founder, Dr. Zhang Chaokai, who has stepped into the international medical system. In the future, we will combine the beautiful medical and beauty institutions, the Shuril dental institution, the Nomel eyewear business and the Mendelian biotechnology business, develop the Cornell culture and education , actively graft the international cooperation channels, and communicate with academic seminars to achieve cross-border medical needs. And in the medical care should not forget the original intention of saving people, and charity charity activities.

Fight against bad vision and develop a bright vision - Nobel Eye Institute

In 2002 , Tianmu's second Nobel Eye Clinic was established. In 2003 , it moved to Zhongxiao Dunhua Business Circle to expand its services . This is the current Dunhua Nobel Eye Clinic. As the number of patients has increased year by year, branches were established in Banqiao and Nangang in 2009 and 2010 respectively. Today, we continue to improve service quality and medical technology, introduce cutting-edge instruments, and focus on myopia presbyopic laser surgery, cataract surgery and children's vision care to help patients recover clear visual quality.

All-round facial beauty, beautiful not only Err - beautiful beauty medical institutions

In 2005 , due to the thriving pulse of light, the establishment of Zhongxiao Meier Clinic, in 2007 , set up the Inner Lake Miracle Clinic, so that your beauty is not only Err. In order to respond to the people's desire for beauty after taking off their glasses, the beautiful medical and beauty organization takes the eye-shaped type as the core, plus the injection micro-integration, photoelectric therapy and shaping surgery to provide customers with the most professional and complete customized medical beauty. . In line with the professional background of ophthalmologists, in order to solve the patient's vision problems and beautiful needs, the beautiful medical and beauty institutions established Keelung Melr and Banqiao Mirre clinics in Keelung and Banqiao in 2013 for the convenience and management needs of patients. The Banqiao Beautiful Clinic was incorporated into the medical and beauty department of the Banqiao Nobel Eye Clinic in 2017. Keelung Merrill was incorporated into the Nangang Nobel Eye Clinic in 2018. Adhering to the commitment to the United States, its Miran SPA Club creates a six-star Monarch to enjoy the body, mind and spirit of each VIP and implement their beautiful wishes.

Diversified medical specialties to join oral health - Surier Dental   

In 2015 , the Shuril Dental Clinic joined the Nobel Medical Group. In addition to general dentistry and children's dentistry, the Shuril Dental Clinic also provides treatments for cosmetic dentistry, root canal specialists and invisible beauty corrections for Nobel Medical. Group provides a full range of eye treatment, facial cosmetic, oral orthopedic ENT overall service. 

Extended Biotech Products - Nomel Eyewear and Mendel Biotech

have diversified the service areas covered by the Group; a large collection of medical-related resources has emerged to create the Normer Eyewear Business and Mendelian Biotechnology. Based on a strong medical background and team, the company develops high-quality medical products. After the product is in the market, it is highly praised. In the future, it will move toward the international sales market and create diversified medical services.

Intensive professional, cultivate talents - Cornell Culture and Education Company

The development of medical science is changing day by day. Cornell cultural and educational careers guide the in-service training of medical professionals, improve the competitiveness of medical practitioners, and assist cross-strait medical personnel to exchange and list services. In addition, it cooperates with Taiwan's colleges and universities to provide new and new students, practical learning opportunities, and cultivate outstanding talents.

International certification, international medical care, voice for public welfare - JCI certification

In order to improve the quality of medical services, Nobel Medical Group focused on high-tech and humanized professional services. In 2013 and 2014, Taipei, Dunnan Nobel Eye and Zhongxiao Mirare Clinic passed the Taiwan Medical Association's aesthetic quality certification. Zhongxiao Meier's clinic passed the international medical evaluation JCI in 2014, and the Dunnan Nobel Eye Clinic passed the international medical evaluation JCI in 2014 and 2018. Due to the above certification blessing, Nobel Medical Group became a member of the International Medical Drive Team of the Guardian Department. Of course, the heart of the doctors , do not forget the original intention of Nobel Medical Group in addition to diversified medical support, actively promote international academic activities, while in the rescue of the crisis is an urgent social responsibility, and closely communicate with a number of international organizations, in line The world implements the concern for human beings by action and is willing to do its utmost for medical public welfare.


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